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Latz featured on
Marty Latz was featured in a post, Failing To Negotiate Your First Salary Could Cost You Half A Million Dollars. Here is the relevant excerpt:

In the aftermath of the Great Recession, millennials have struggled to find good jobs in line with their education levels. And, burdened with crippling student debt, pay is one of their biggest job concerns.

Yet curiously, members of Gen Y are missing a huge opportunity to increase their pay: They are not negotiating their first salaries.

In an exclusive survey of 548 millennials in the U.S., 82% said they did not negotiate their first salaries because they either didn't feel comfortable (38%) or didn't know they were allowed to do so (44%).

Since your first salary is the baseline for all future raises, the impact of starting out behind is huge. "Not negotiating your first salary in a low-wage job can amount to a sacrifice of half a million dollars over the course of your career," says Sara Laschever, a negotiating expert and the author of "Ask For It." "In a higher-wage job, that loss is magnified."

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