Gain the Edge!® Negotiation Strategies for Lawyers

Gain the Edge!® Negotiation Strategies for Lawyers
The strategies and techniques of effective negotiation largely do not change from industry to industry. My first Golden Rule – Information is power, so get it – applies in all negotiation situations, whether you are a lawyer or an advertising executive. You always want to get more information.

The factual context in which parties apply these strategies, however, does change. Lawyers and executives negotiate different issues in a wide variety of negotiation contexts.

This seminar focuses on typical legal negotiation situations such as:
  • Discovery disputes;
  • Closing M&A deals; and
  • Settlement negotiations.
The major exercise in this seminar involves a contractual dispute between two manufacturing companies. Program participants will be asked to represent either plaintiff or defendant in negotiating this matter.

Available as a full-day or half-day seminar, with or without an ethics component.

Evaluation Summary
Lawyers who attended this program at Stikeman Elliott, a Montreal-based law firm, gave the program an average score of 4.8 on a 5-point scale, with a 5 representing “Excellent” and 1 “Poor.”